All artwork here is drawn by my hand. The works listed on the left hand side are of original conception. The works listed on the right hand side are "Fan Art", which are based off of someone else's conception. If you have any comments or suggestions, please goto the Forums and tell me.

I've added a new part to this page which displays artwork given to me by other people. If it is a modification (such as coloring), or a drawing of one of my characters I will display it on this page for others to see. Please respect thier work as you would mine. Thank you. :)

Original Concept
Fan Art

Catfish 03 5-31

Dragon 03 5-31

A Hydrus 03 2-13

Tweeder 03 2-9

Young Jopte 03 2-9

Mr. Curry 03 2-9

Mr. Zing 03 2-9

Papa Scrote 03 2-7

MMZ Japan 03 2-1


Bone as Clown 03 2-2

Bone's Girl 03 2-2

Outlaw Star:

Group Drawing 02 8~

Jumping Swing

Licking Lips 02 8~

Screaming 02 8~

One Piece:

Depressed Girl 02 8~

Liberty 02 8~

Happy Old Guy 02 8~

Schocked Chick 02 8~

Gift Art


Depressed Girl Colored

Girl Sketch Colored

MMZ Japan Colored

Comic Page 1 Colored

Papa Scrote Colored