This is a list of links to webpages that have art I am very impressed with and/or very fond of. I have a deep respect for these people and what they have made. Some people like to draw nude or pornographic drawings, and while I'm not bothered by it, you might be. So please be careful viewing some people's sites, although it is genereally easy to avoid on artist's websites since they arn't trying to sell it to you.

Thank you. :)

Haradaya - I love this person's art, which coincidentily happens to feature rabbits aswell. Japanese only.

GRANADA Level 9 - Very Nice, I have a thing for the way a lot of Japanese artists color thier artwork. I want to learn how they do it.

Kei's Artwork - The artwork is very good, and the webdesign is outstanding aswell.

Gallery Suzuhito 4 - Every visit is a rewarding experiance